We carefully listen to our clients and potential partners, in order to understand the particularities of each business. We indentify and implement adequate solutions for solving the specific needs in the human resources field. Our purpose is to become and remain a trustworthy partner, regardless of the collaboration period.


THE PROMISE of AIM HR Outsourcing:

AIM HR Outsourcing is determined to build long term partnerships with the clients, employees and all business partners. We make every decision by taking into account the long term benefits for all the parties involved.


In order to carry out our promise:

  • - We work as a dedicated team to fulfil the expectations of the client;
  • - We assure complete, highly accurate and timely services, each time, with regard to human resources management;
  • - We use our expertise in support services for clients, in order to supply human resources services at a high performance level;
  • - We keep our focus on the client’s needs and always have a professional and enthusiastic approach;
  • - We constantly improve our expertise and we always are up to date regarding the legislation modifications, in order to assure the observance of the legal provisions for our clients.