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AIM HR Outsourcing provides services for recruitment, selection and personnel placement forentry-level and specialists positions in various fields such as: IT & Telecom, Pharmaceutical, Banking, Insurance & Investment Management, Oil&Gas, Air Transport, Hospitality, FMCG, Retail etc.


The Recruitment services offered by AIM HR Outsourcing are recommended in the following cases:


  1. - Insufficient resources in the HR company’s department;
  2. - A large number of opened positions that must be covered in a short period of time;
  3. - Outsource just one part of the recruitment process (cv screening, phone interviews etc.);
  4. - Ensure the continuity of the developed activities by a fast staff replacement in case of unforeseen circumstances (employee resignation, new projects, maternity leaves etc.).


  1. - The HR department may focus on strategic company’s activities;
  2. - Reduce subjectivity in the recruitment process;
  3. - Access to a wide base of contacts in various fields;
  4. - Reduce personnel fluctuation by placing the best candidates;
  5. - Candidate’s replacement in the guarantee period without additional cost;
  6. - Fast and efficient recruitment and selection;
  7. - Flexibility, adaptability to customer needs.

Service insight:

  1. The recruitment and selection process will follow the next steps:
  • - Meeting the client in order to analyze the profile according to the company business field and specific needs; identify the necessary abilities to reach performance;
  • - Identify the best candidates through our data base, contacts network, recruitment ads and social network;
  • - Candidates evaluation;
  • - Present the shortlisted candidates, together with their evaluation report;
  • - Schedule the final interviews with the client and offer support in the bidding and employment process, accordingly.