See also Consultancy services related to salary and labour legislation, Recruiting services and Payroll and personnel administration services

AIM HR Outsourcing has been offering personnel leasing services since 1994, being the first company from Romania to tackle this field( at that time in a Sneliing division and later on  in AIMS HR Outsourcing).


AIM's HR Outsourcing   responsibility is to employ staff according to the client’s needs and in this way undertakes the responsibility for the entire legal, administrative and financial activity associated to the respective employees. The personnel made available perform for our clients the necessary activities and services, under the direct supervision and management of the latter.


Situations in which the AIM HR Outsourcing services are recommended:


  1. - Unforeseen need for additional personnel – due to activity increase, project development on determined periods, maternity leaves etc.
  2. - Headcount limitations – following the decisions made at headquarters, in case of multinational companies.
  3. - Opportunity costs – when the market conditions impose quick decisions regarding employment, and the position approval procedures last even six months.
  4. - Budget restrictions – in some situations the salary budgets are limited while the budgets for subcontracting services might be more flexible.
  5. - The possibility for AIMS to sign a determined period contract with the selected candidates so the final client can assess their skills and competences before undertaking them into its own organization.
  6. - The client has no legal entity in Romania – when some additional market testing before opening a legal entity in Romania is needed or the legal formalities are not yet finished; in this cases, the assignment contract is concluded directly at headquarter level.
  7. - When the client company decides to outsource administrative activities, while the recruitment process is performed by own resources.


By outsourcing human resources activities, the company may have the following benefits:


  1. - Access to practical and tailored solutions - if personnel are needed unexpectedly or for determined periods of time.
  2. - Eliminate the burden associated to personnel administration and the possibility to allocate more resources for business development.
  3. - Access to the best knowledge and resources, when these are not available internally.
  4. - Safety regarding the overall timely and accurate administration of the problems associated with human resources administration.
  5. - Access to specialized consultancy services regarding salary and labour legislation.
  6. - Flexibility, adaptability according to the client’s needs.
  7. - Reduced risks associated with the salary calculation process and the safety of accurately applying the most recent labour legislation provisions.
  8. - A greater control over budgeting and following costs for large administrative activities consuming time and resources.
  9. - Saving time and money

Service Insight:

  1. Prepare the salaries and the payrolls:
  • - calculate the salaries and establish the net amounts that are granted to each employee as well as the calculation of the taxes and contributions owed by the employee and employer;
  • - maintain and update the salary data base;
  • - payroll reports (monthly reports on cost centres, in the format approved with the beneficiary; payslips; electronic transmission of 112 declaration; annual statements regarding personal income tax, etc.).
  1. Services related to the labour contracts:
  • - draw up labour contracts;
  • - maintain and update the database containing the information related to the leased employees and their dependents.
  • - fill in and update the electronic register with all the information requested by the law;
  • - issue certificates to the employees, as an answer to the salary information requests, labour contract status, etc;
  • - prepare documents regarding any modification to the status and pay of the employees;
  • - prepare documents for confirming the operations registered during the contractual period;
  1. Administration services:
    • - carry out a general introductory training regarding labour protection and protection against fires;
    • - issue labour protection and fire protection booklets;
    • - maintain and update individual evidence regarding leaves;
    • - carry out the mandatory medical checks for each employee at employment moment as well as the periodical ones. The package includes basic exams, but only those needed to confirm that the employee is fit to carry out his labour duties;
    • - evidence and acquisition of meal tickets, and invoicing the client for the associated costs;

- reimbursement of expenses based on justificatory documents;

- administration of benefits such as medical subsciptions, life insurances, private health insurances and others.


  1. Consultancy services:
  • - consultancy regarding labour legislation and issues regarding the employees;
  • - consultancy regarding the amendments to the salary legislation;
  • - consultancy for the situations that require disciplinary actions.