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Personnel leasing services

AIM HR Outsourcing has been offering personnel leasing services since 1994, being the first company from Romania to tackle this field(at that time in a  Snelling division an later on in AIMS HR Outsourcing).


AIM’s HR Outsporcimg responsibility is to employ staff according to the client’s needs and in this way undertakes the responsibility for the entire legal, administrative and financial activity associated to the respective employees. The personnel made available perform for our clients the necessary activities and services, under the direct supervision and management of the latter.

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Payroll and personnel administration services

AIM HR Outsourcing supplies complete services for outsourcing all the activities associated with personnel administration and salary calculation. The AIMS consultancy team has a long experience in building flexible and tailored solutions that cover all the aspects of the payroll activities.

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Our Services
Consultancy services related to salary and labour legislation

AIM HR Outsourcing supplies consultancy services regarding the the following:

  • - elaboration and preparation of the individual labour agreements in accordance with the new labour legislation;
  • - elaborates / updates Internal Regulation Policies and job descriptions;
  • - situations that impose disciplinary measures;
  • - procedures related to managing the human resources activities, as well as consultancy regarding payroll issues and tax related legislation.
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Our Services
Recruiting Services

AIM HR Outsourcing provides services for recruitment, selection and personnel placement forentry-level and specialists positions in various fields such as: IT & Telecom, Pharmaceutical, Banking, Insurance & Investment Management, Oil&Gas, Air Transport, Hospitality, FMCG, Retail etc.

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“We have been collaborating with AIMS HR Outsourcing for 12 years, while the XEROX operation has known spectacular increases and has lead to even more complex requests. The  AIMS HR Outsourcing team has proven flexibility in adapting solutions to our needs every time. Moreover, the partnership with  AIMS HR Outsourcing has contributed to the effectiveness of  internal processes at Xerox in the HR field, assuring the quality standard that we desire.  AIMS HR Outsourcing is a trustworthy team, that has always proven flexibility and availability.

The result of our collaboration with AIMS HR Outsourcing means cost reductions, without affecting the quality, by offering tailored solutions that answer to the most diverse business requirements.”


- Mihaela Ionita (Human Resources Manager XEROX (Romania) Echipamente si Servicii)

“The collaboration between Pfizer and AIMS HR Outsourcing started 10 years ago and has continued uninterruptedly during this entire period due to the quality of our partnership. We believe that AIMS HR Outsourcing has always fulfilled the promises taken and the contractual obligations during this long period of collaboration by building a relationship based on mutual trust and respect, a win-win partnership for both parties.

At Pfizer, our colleagues from AIMS HR Outsourcing have the same rights and benefits as the Pfizer colleagues. This could not have been possible without the openness that AIMS HR Outsourcing has shown in implementing our systems. ”


- Mirela Iordan (Human Resources Director PFIZER Romania)

“We have a great history of a good, professional and pragmatic collaboration and a good relationship, which have recommended AIMS HR Outsourcing for a personnel leasing project. Here we have found a team with a high professional conduct, quick answers, flexibility and services that make organizational life easier.”


- Alexandru Badulescu (Regional Vice President Eastern Europe & CIS WESTERN UNION PAYMENT SERVICES)

“Sanofi Pasteur- the vaccine division of Sanofi Aventis company – works with AIMS HR Outsourcing for more than seven years. During this period, AIMS HR Outsourcing has proven to be a trustworthy partner, flexible, with great services in the HR outsourcing field and accurate prices for the supplied services. We also want to emphasize the quality of the people, who always answer with professionalism and promptness to our requests.

Through the support given by AIMS HR Outsourcing and the inspired trust, the external employees feel they are a part of our team, without making differences between the external and internal employees. We thus have this advantage to have a larger personnel (of the same quality) without burdening the internal headcount imposed by the corporation.”


- Tibor Péntek, MD (Country Manager Romania, Vaccines) / Daniela Duta (Regional Controller C Europe,Vaccines SANOFI PASTEUR - the vaccine division of SANOFI AVENTIS ROMANIA)

“AIMS HR Outsourcing had and still has the most competitive offer, and during our seven year collaboration we have been convinced of their professionalism. During this time, the AIMS HR Outsourcing team has won our trust, gave us a lot of support and promptly answered to our requests.

It is a collaboration that has helped us simplify certain procedures and offered us a great freedom in the human resources activity.”



“In the organizational environment, each hour, sometimes each minute, represents a deadline. From this point of view, the promptness of the AIMS HR Outsourcing team makes our life easier and work more pleasant. To the future business partners of AIMS HR Outsourcing we wish the same business relationship that we currently have with them, namely one that is flexible, trustworthy and of course successful!”


- Lucian Dan Nuca (Human Resources Manager LINDE GAZ ROMANIA)

“We have been working with AIMS HR Outsourcing for more than 10 years. In the beginning, the AIMS HR Outsourcing staff was able to quickly set up a system that has served us well. We have the entire support of the AIMS HR Outsourcing staff when we need it – but most importantly the systems they employ are robust and the need for intervention is minimal.  

Our partnership has allowed us to focus on our core business, whilst AIMS HR Outsourcing has taken over the administration.  They have therefore facilitated our success by allowing us to do what we do best, trusting that AIMS HR Outsourcing supports us.”


- Brian Craig (Managing Director INDIUM CORPORATION OF EUROPE)

"I recommend AIMS HR Outsourcing for the flexibility in approaching the clients and for the high professional expertise. Together with their team I have always found the best solution for our organizational resources."


- Luminita Florea (People & Organisation Consultant NOVO NORDISK FARMA)

“ATT Hungary is working with AIMS HR Outsourcing for the competitive prices and flexible work method.

Our colleagues at AIMS HR Outsourcing are punctual and maintain a helpful and kind relationship with their partners. We have been working together without any problems for years. “


- Zsuzsanna FertÅ‘ (IrodavezetÅ‘/Office Manager ATT Hungária Kft)